MARCH EXPO: Xincode Technology Uses High-Quality Barcode Products to Serve Global Customers

  • Harnessing Team Strength to Achieve Optimal Performance


On February 28th, Xincode Technology's MARCH EXPO kickoff meeting was successfully held. Every member of Xincode is ready to embrace market challenges. The MARCH EXPO each year has facilitated significant growth for us, and we anticipate achieving even better results this time.






  • With keen market insight to accompany customer growth


Various industries are rapidly advancing their digitalization. The key concern for customers is how to seize industry premium resources amidst this trend. Our  employees are at the forefront, utilizing keen market insight to analyze customer needs, devise personalized product solutions, and accompany customers in their development.






  • Unity for Achieving Outstanding Results


Unlike previous years, this time the kickoff meeting was held in collaboration with the Smart Manufacturing Center. Through interactive team-building activities, the meeting ignited the fighting spirit across the company. In the upcoming MARCH EXPO, the Smart Manufacturing Center, as a robust support department, will maintain quality and quantity, providing us with strong support.






  • Clarifying New Trade Festival Objectives and Advancing with Conviction


During the kickoff meeting, Mr. Cheng Yong, the General Manager of Xincode Technology in Foshan, delivered an important speech, clarifying the objectives of this MARCH EXPO for every employee. He called on everyone to unite and strive towards the goal, expressing unwavering determination to achieve victory and jointly create a new chapter of high-quality enterprise development with customers during the 31-day battle of the MARCH EXPO.





  • Wholehearted Pledge to Achieve Goals


All business elites made a pledge in front of all company employees, reaffirming the direction and goals of the whole team's struggle. With unified thinking, unified goals, and unified actions, everyone will leverage their respective strengths and work together to ensure the highest efficiency.









  • Anticipating Abundant Results in MARCH EXPO


With a surge in traffic and business performance during the MARCH EXPO, we will use this month as a training ground for our team. We believe that there are no perfect individuals, only perfect teams. The MARCH EXPO has brought our team's cohesion to unprecedented heights. We hope that every member can, with the company's expectations and our own expectations, unite wholeheartedly, exert all efforts, and serve every customer well. We will surely triumph in the March!




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