From Industrial Intelligence to Barcode Recognition Technology: Technological Innovation Propels Digital Transformation and Upgrading in Intelligent Manufacturing



A country's competitiveness is largely reflected in the level of intelligent manufacturing, which includes the black technology of industrial intelligence, machine vision, and other aspects, which are the solid support for innovation and manufacturing in major countries.


Overall, it is not difficult to see that in the past decade, China has focused on implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and has taken the lead in innovation in key areas. In a few short years, the industrial internet of things has expanded from internal development in leading companies to upstream and downstream of the industry chain, from accelerating in individual industries to thousands of industries, and is visibly driving the transformation of Chinese manufacturing from production to intelligent manufacturing.




In the face of multiple challenges, how to promote steady growth in China's industry? How to accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries? What innovative initiatives can assist rapid digital development? Xincode Technology provides an answer with intelligent manufacturing.


Industry is the lifeblood of a nation, an essential part of the real economy, and China attaches great importance to the digital transformation and upgrading of industry, emphasizing the need to fill in gaps, seek innovation, and promote transformation, continuously strengthening the foundation of China's intelligent manufacturing. Guided by this policy, our intelligent manufacturing focuses on industrial barcode scanning recognition technology, accelerating innovation and development, assisting various enterprises and factories with digital transformation and upgrading, accelerating quality improvement and efficiency enhancement, and effectively supporting the construction of the national economy.




"At this stage, we mainly focus on the innovative integration of barcode scanning recognition technology and machine vision technology, aiming to vigorously promote breakthroughs in the field of intelligent digitalization. As a solution provider for enterprise digital transformation and upgrading, we are benefiting all global enterprises and accumulating potential for the development of intelligent manufacturing."


Intelligent manufacturing is profoundly changing the face of Chinese manufacturing, and the development of intelligent manufacturing industrial-grade scanners is constantly confirming this view. Manufacturing production can be said to be a very complex and precise process. An order has many varieties, and each product has many parts to be operated by several processes. Each process requires precise coordination of various production factors such as materials, labor, and equipment, all of which are like an accurately operated machine, requiring precise calculation and control to produce good products and maintain efficiency. However, traditional production solely relies on manual labor and is unable to meet current customer demands. The factory needs to undergo digital transformation and upgrading, in which the role of machine vision and scanners is irreplaceable.


With the innovative support of machine vision technology, Xincode Technology's intelligent manufacturing industrial-grade scanners have become one of the main paths for modern industrial equipment to achieve detection, perception, communication, and response. The recognition technology of barcodes is required for material allocation management, part identification and sorting, dynamic production control, product inspection, and tracking in automated production. This is an important means to reduce human error and improve production line flexibility and automation. For customers, it is just a personalized order, but for companies, it is a reshaping of production mode: from production-oriented sales to sales-oriented production; from rigid production to flexible production; from manufacturing upgrading to intelligent manufacturing and service.




We deeply cultivate enterprise digital transformation and, through our rich experience in industry barcode recognition technology research and development and production, as well as a solid service attitude, create new value for countless enterprises, visibly driving China's manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.


At the same time, we must also see that to expand and strengthen intelligent manufacturing and the industrial internet of things, and to create enterprise and factory digital transformation and upgrading, we must proceed with stable and solid steps, especially to solve the problem of core technology independence, innovation, and controllability, to consolidate the industrial foundation and promote the application of integrated technology. Only then can we run with acceleration on this track, promote the high-quality development of China's intelligent manufacturing, drive more innovative breakthroughs in various industries, and lay a solid foundation for the digital transformation of various industries.

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