model GT-3013B
parameter The 1.3-megapixel wireless industry handheld code reader
Barcode category 1 D code: Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, CodaBar, EAN 8, EAN 13, ITF 25, ITF 14, UPCA, UPCE, et al
QR code: QR Code, Data Matrix, et al
Barcode minimum 3 mil
Maximum processing 50 fps
Sensor type CMOS, the global shutter
Like a meta size 3 pm x 3 pm
Target size 1/4"
resolution ratio 1280 x 1024
depth of field * Code 128 (3 mil): 35 80 mm
Code 128 (10 mil): 10 ~ 170 mm
Code 39 (5mil): 15~ 100 mm
Code 39 (20 mil): 20 ~250 mm
Data Matrix (10 mil): 5 ~ 115 mm QR Code (20 mil): 20~ 190mm
Field of view Angle 40° horizontal and 34° vertical
Detection Angle Tilt angle is ± 60., Deflection, Angle S, 60°, rotation angle, 360.
Symbolic contrast 20%
Wireless communication
PDA BT5.0,2.42.4835 GHz band, BLE
Wireless range 70m (open range)
Reader: Bluetooth Base: SmartSDK, USB (HID / CDC), Bluetooth
electrical character
joggle USB2.0, the DC terminal
cell 3150 mAh, rechargeable lithium battery
charging interval 8.5 h (USB)
Number of scans 29,000 times (fully charged)
supply electricity Reader: 3.8 VDC (battery powered)
Base: 5 VDC (USB); 12-24 VDC (DC terminal)
maximum power dissipation Reader: standby mode: 0.8W@3.8VDC; working mode: 1.6W@3.8VDC;
sleep mode: 0.6W@3.8 VDC
Base: 5 VDC (USB); 12-24 VDC (DC terminal)
focal distance 4.7 mm
Lens interface M5.8-Mount
Environmental light 0~ 100000 lux
illuminant glow LED
sight Cross laser aiming
prompting mode LED indicator lamp, buzzer, vibrator
outline dimension Reader: 74.4 mm x 86.6 mm x 179.5 mm Base: 100.9 mm x 131.8 mm x 83.6 mm
weight Reader: about 230g
Base: approximately 180g
IP levels of IP42
temperature Operating temperature is-20~50°C, storage temperature is-30~60°C, and battery charging
humidity 20% ~ 80% RH without condensation
Fall height At 1.5 m or more than 50 times
As standard
software IDMVS
attestation CE, KC



GT-3301B cost-effective wireless handheld industrial code reader, using the independent research and development of high-performance bar code identification algorithm,can efficiently identify the industry, scene of one-dimensional code and QR code

GT-3301B 2D Industry Wireless Barcode Scanner

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