Technical Parameter
Model  GT-730
Item Industrial Wired Laser Barcode Scanner
Physical Parameter
Material ABS+PC+TPE
Power Supply DC 5V ±5%
Power Consumption 500mW(working); 420mW(standby); 650mW(maximum)
Weight 300±5g(With cable)
Size L*W*H: 183.5 * 101.0 * 77.5(unit: mm)
Color Yellow; Blue; Charcoal grey; Deep grey
button lifespan 100000times
Performance Parameter
Interface USB cable; (RS232 can be customized)
System Supported Linux, Android, Windows XP7810, MAC
Language Supported English; French; Dutch; Spanish (international); Italian (Italian 142); German, etc.(language can be customized)
Light Source Visable laser 650nm
Resolution 4mil
Bit error rate 1/5000000
Decoding Speed 300times/s
Reading Mode laser
Trigger Mode Manula; Auto-Sensing; Continuous scanning
Induction Distance 25cm (250cm²); 20cm(100cm²); 5cm(Small Area)
Induction Time Delay 2sec/times
Induction Speed 100times/sec
Reading Width 60mm at 30mm, 98mm at 100mm (Distance from the object)
Scanning Distance 10mm - 600mm
Scanning Width 5cm - 30cm
Prompt Mode Buzzer, Indicator Light(LED)
Printing Contract 30%
Decoding Capability ●Code25-Interleaved                 ●Code25-Standard          ●Code25-Matri   
●Code39-Regular                      ●Code39-FullASCII           ●Code32
●Code93-Regular                      ●Code93-FullASCII            ●Code128   
●EAN/GSL/UCC-128Auto         ●Codabar                              ●MSI    
●EAN/JAN-13                              ●UPC-A                                  ●JAN-8 
●Code11                                     ●UPCE0
Scanning Angel Roll30°, Pitch75°,Yew65°
Scanning Depth Code39 4mil: 3cm-7cm
Code39 10mil: 4cm-30cm
Environment Parameter
IP Grade IP52
Operating Temp. 0 to 50 / 32 to 122
Storage Temp. 0 to 50 / 32 to 122
Operating Humidity 20% to 85%(No condensation)
Storage Humidity 20% to 85%(No condensation)
ESD Protection 15KV
Shock Resistance 3m free fall on concrete surface

1.2M Shock Resistance
2.Long Lifespan Button
3.Industrial Rugged Housing Design
4.IP 67: Waterproof & Dustproof  IP 67
5.Reliable Laser Engine
6.Read All Standard 1D Bar Codes
7.Rugged Interface Design
8.200scans/sec Scanning Speed 
9.USB/KB/COM Supported

GT-730 Industrial-Grade Wired Laser Barcode Scanner

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